After moving a client into another group, the client cannot create anything

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tini, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. tini

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    After moving a client into another group, the client cannot create anything.
    So this is how I got the error:

    - Go to the tab Client -> Add Client
    - So far, everything is ok, the client can login and create sites and all the other stuff
    - I noticed, that a new group with the same login-name is created automatically
    - Go back to the CP as admin
    - System -> Edit User
    - Change default group an choose another group with the checkboxes. Unselect the automatically created group
    - Login as this client
    - The client cannot create anything, you always get the errors like "The max. number of email domains for your account is reached."

    Any idea what's causing the problem here?

    Also, I am a bit confused about the terms Client and User. Is it true that when one creates a Client, a User is also created?

    And what's the idea behind creating a non-admin User without creating a Client?

    Maybe I just have to wait until the documentation is ready for ISPConfig3.
  2. till

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    You can not move clients to another group. Never edit anything in the user section, just add clients and resellers, ispconfig will configure the needed users automatically.

    Yes. As clients and resellers can not login to anything. They are just holders for limits and the postal address. Only the users(s) assigned to a client or reseller can login. So as I described above, do not change anything in the system user are manually as it is not neede to edit something there. Everything is managed by ISPConfig automatically when you create or change a client / reseller.
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  3. tini

    tini New Member

    Ok, thank you for your answer.

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