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  1. Hi all,

    I have a broken (mirrored) cluster till 1 week.
    Ubuntu 14.04.5 / ISPCinfig
    Only the slave is alive (master had to be erased).

    Can I use this tool to migrate the 'standalone' slave server to a standalone Ubuntu.18.04 / ISPConfig 3.1 ?
    New host is using MariaDB (stanard MySQL on old one).
    PHP5 will need to be installed on my host (many old sites hosted).
    New host will be master server (with a new slave) after.

    I won't care to pay a well experienced tech to do the job, as this drives me crazy since 7 days.

    Another option would be to recreate the master server for the broken setup (preferable for now) : I haven't been able to setup databases replication.

    Thanks in advance for your answers
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  3. Thanks tiil : I've contacted ISPConfig Business Support
  4. Hello,
    How is the ISPConfig Migration Tool licenced ?
    I mean :
    Can it be used to migrate to a test-server, then to real-server ? (same source)
    Can it be used for another completely different migration ?
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