Advanced network and WebServer configuration with apache2 on Ubuntu

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Meskis, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Meskis

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    Hi, I have read thons of how to and tutorials but did not found the right thing.
    My proble is - that I have one gateway/webserver on Ubuntu with apache2 it works fine, but I need setup some other web servers on my network with Windows 2003 and 2008. On 2003 win seraver aplication is based on, on 2008 will be some windows wirtual hosting (dont know exatly because other man windows guru and Access lover working on it), there all troubles began. I dont want to put those Windows servers rigth to big bad internet, I want they will stand in my DMZ zone, under Ubuntu gateway/webserver wit local IP adreses (like The only way to do this, as I know, is configure reverse proxy on apache2. Thats a litle bit heps, but some tweaked scrips on aspnet do not go thru reverse proxy and page displayed with bugs.

    The question is - there are some other ways to solve this problem?
    I thought about dns server (on this site How To), but as I can understand -thous web servers can be reached only from local network, or I'm wrong...?

    Sorry for boring long text, but I wanted that all was clear, and Thank You for advice.
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  2. falko

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    What exactly do you mean with this? Do you have any error messages?
  3. Meskis

    Meskis New Member

    sory was busy , so long no write.

    He use some cripts that button execute. When mouse over that button - browser show $some_criptname..., not tke normal link and whwn you pres button - there is no such page error apears. I hate to tel people that they have to recreate their web page because I wanted more security and put his server to DMZ. But I must...

    Maybe somebody know how to create reverse proxy with Apache2, like that:

    I can create like this :

    With the trailing slash at the end. It is very bad because DO NOT work. How to tel people, that withaut that slash they cant reach that page, when they can reach other pages...?
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  4. Meskis

    Meskis New Member

    UPS my fault...
    was problem that machine do not responded directly. Real adress was, and that caused a problem. Now machine responds directly from adress and reverse proxy work fine.

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