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    Not just for the forum but for the entire site - Some of the ads are duplicated on the same page. Too many of the ads are completely irrelevant with my browsing history. I understand you're using Ezoic and that you don't control the ads. I also understand that some people click in one part of the browser, not others, and that there are other UX and SEO design concepts considered by whomever generates that stuff. I'm just suggesting that better metrics might get you better ads, more diversity, and thus better monetization. It might be worth your time to spend some time with Ezoic to fine-tune ad content and placement for your audience. This is something we tend to set n forget. But if you're going to constantly get in my face with ads that cover content, dominate huge parts of the page, and really slow down every page of this site, I think it might now be worthwhile to ensure that the benefits are always worth the pain inflicted on the audience.:mad::eek::D
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    Ezoic is optimizing this automatically but I've talked to them already to limit the number of ads. Btw. Howtoforge is also available as a completely ad-free version for subscribers.
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