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  1. Ovidiu

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    I am talking about this howto:

    I had spamassassin filtering the latest reports as spam due to these reasons:

    1.0 NO_REAL_NAME From: does not include a real name

    so I changed this line
    into this line

    No I do not get punished for having no real name and there is a return path too.
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  2. falko

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    Nice one! :)
  3. curx

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    why not useing the "mail" command, like:

    pflogsumm /var/log/mail.log.0 | mail -s "Mail Statistics" [email protected] -- -F "The postmasters Fullname" -f [email protected]

    ... not on every Server is formail installed!

    [email protected] - "apt-get moo"
  4. Ovidiu

    Ovidiu Active Member

    one more thing:

    because the pflogsumm contains a lot of the urls from severall blocklists (if you receive a lot of smaps) so the report could be filtered because of some other issues too, like you can see below:

    on the authors page of pflogsumm he gives some examples how to avoid this, maybe someone can incorporate those tipps into the howto?

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