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    I have a running multiserver setup and want to add an additional webserver to it. However, the ISPConfig multiserver tutorial only describes how to set up a webserver which is also the ISPConfig master server, and I'm not sure which packages i can leave out on a slave webserver.

    Here is the tutorial i'm talking about:

    I'm gonna list the packages from the tutorial which I think i can leave out on a slave server:
    1. phpmyadmin
    2. vlogger
    3. webalizer
    4. awstats
    5. squirrelmail/roundcube

    Is that correct? Are there other packages which i shouldn't install, or are there wrong packages in my list?
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    The ispconfig master node and a webserver node have basically the same requirements, so there is not much to leave out.

    1) You can leave out phpmyadmin, if your new webserver node shall not be used as database node as well or if you plan to configure phpmyadmin on the master to be used for all database servers.
    2-4) Vlogger, webalizer and awstats are required.
    5) you can leave out squirrelmail / roundcube

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