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    on a server with php7.1 installed as default, php5.6 and 7.2 installed as additional php versions.
    the additional php versions were installed using the ondrej repo, rather than by compiling from source in /opt/*
    installing php7.2 updated the defaults, so that php7.2 is the default php available when ssh'd in as root.
    the ispconfig control panel still has php7.1 as default, with php5.6 and php7.2 as additional, what's the best way to make ispconfig use 7.2 as the default, with 5.6 and 7.1 as additional. (and apply this change to all existing websites).

    also a jailkit ssh user was created before php 7.2 was installed, the website was changed to use php7.2. the ssh user still gets 7.1 when logged in.
    is there any way to get this to change automatically when the website's php version is changed?

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    ispconfig was installed with php7.1 already installed as the default php.
    Ubuntu 17.10, with php7.1 installed from the Ubuntu repo, then the ondrej repo was added, and php5.6 and php7.2 installed from there.
    installing php7.2 updated the default php version for the os.
    it's in the ispconfig control panel that php7.1 is still configured as the default, which I would like to change to being php7.2, making php7.1 available as an additional php.
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    You have to change that back to PHP 7.1 with the update-alternatives command as ISPConfig will fail otherwise.
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    The php version that gets copied to the jail is likely just the default version for the system, eg. whatever /usr/bin/php is. You can check your jailkit config in jk_init.ini and in ISPConfig server config to see what gets copied, but I don't think anything currently tries to put the website's php version into the ability environment. That could be a nice feature though, maybe file an rfe? Switching versions could get messy though, trying to figure out what all files from the old version need removed before putting the new version in place; I imagine that would be a manual task.
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