Adding storage function to a mail server

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by satimis, Jan 4, 2008.

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    Hi folks,

    Ubuntu 7.04 server amd64
    mysql Ver 14.12
    SquirrelMail version 1.4.11

    I have a working Mail Server with above packages installed. I'm prepared adding further function allowing users uploading files to the server for storage. Please advise whether additional packages are needed? OR just configure the installed packages? Please shed me some light where to find relevant document. TIA


    Actually what I need is a file server allowing users who have accounts (Linux/shell) on the Mail Server to upload/download their files via browser on the Mail Server for storage. That is what I expect to achieve.

    SquirrelMail, Webmin and Usermin are also running on the Mail Server. Users can send/receive webmails direct on any PC. They can change their passwords either direct on SquirrelMail or via Usermin.

    At the beginning I was thinking whether I can make use Usermin allowing users to upload/download files to/from the Mail Server. Therefore they can access them on any PC world-wide, borderless. While googling around on Internet I found;

    HFS ~ Http File Server

    I expect folks on the forum who have experience on this project shed me some light. OR are there better solutions?


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