*Adding* OCI8 to existing PHP/Apache on Debian

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    I inherited a system (as part of a student group at MIT), which already had installed (using apt):
    - Debian 4.0 (/etc/debian_version)
    - Apache 2.2.3 (apache2 -v)
    - PHP 5.2.0-8+etch1 (php -i)
    - MySQL Ver 14.12 Distrib 4.0.32 (mysql --help)

    I need to *add* the Oracle "Instant Client" to it, while maintaining all the exiting modules that have been installed, including (important) MySQL.

    I already read (and re-read) tons of instructions, including those at:
    and the note from cj at the bottom of that page:

    I have followed all the links, and have the Oracle ZIPs ready.

    My problem/issue:

    - I am not a Linux/Debian expert... I have a clue, but not tons.
    - All prior installations, as mentioned above, were done with apt by someone else (who graduated already!)
    - Therefore, the source is NOT in the computer, it has always been compiled from elsewhere -- as such, I do not know what the ./configure options were
    - I know that both the apache modules and the cli modules have been installed; I nee OCI8 support in both the apache and the cli (so that I can cron tasks without exposing them to the outside world)
    - I am worried about not re-building PHP with all the existing options, and that after I rebuild PHP with the OCI8 on it, I will be missing something.

    So, I would greatly appreciate if someone can guide me on how to make sure I run ./configure correctly from the source so that I don't end up without an existing module... or even better, if there exists an "unstable" but working apt OCI8 module with which I can add OCI8 functionality to both the Apache and the CLI php's. (I was not able to find an apt module to install the OCI8 "incrementally" on what is already there.)

    I hope this makes sense. I'll be happy to provide a link to a temporary phpinfo.php page if that's needed.

    Sorry for the long post, I tried to provide as much information as I could (even if its not all details).

    Thank you!

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