Adding new PHP version, webXXX.sock file not created automatically

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    Following your guide to add additional PHP versions.
    With php7.4 , for some reason the webXXX.sock (xxx being siteid) isnt always created when PHP version on the site is set to php-fpm and the new PHP version.

    - Using latest ISPconfig3 stable version.
    - Debian Stretch (yes this will be updated to buster).

    What's the best way to force the .sock file to be created, and what can be wrong making it not create it?

    I switched to ondemand processing, disabled web socket waited for it to save. Nothing seemed to help.
    Then I found out that restarting the php7.4-fpm process manually creates the sock files.

    /etc/init.d/php7.4-fpm restart

    So it seems like ISPconfig3 isnt rotating the fpm service for some reason.
    Thanks in advance
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    Edit, found issue. Init script in older howtoforge guide does not match current sury path to initscript.

    should be
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