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Discussion in 'General' started by Amorphous, Jun 22, 2009.

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    i followed the "perfect centos 5.2 server " tutorial by the book, excepting the adding more ip s part, because for the first time i didnt think that i will need more ip s, but now, after e days of testing ispconfig 3 on this centos server, i m very satisfied, no more [email protected] problems, no more "To many connections" problem, no more,
    so, i want to move all my other network services on this server, the DC server, for my network, the site, the radio .... some of them are registered on subdomains that i can t change anymore, but i m still using them, and i don t want to lose them .... so, my problem ...... ading more ip s on the server:
    i follow the tutorial -> ifconfig eth0:0 123.456.789.12 netmask [...] and after that i m adding more ip`s for the server from the isconfig panel, the ip that i just made it work on eth0:0 ?? or adding more ip s on the isconfig panel means automaticly adding more virtual interfaces ???

    one other thing:

    the server now has a stange configuration :


    the ip that i want to add is

    anyway: the gateway and the nameservers, are totally different from what isconfig recognized here, i haven`t changed absolutelly anything because on the other fedora server , one of the changes i made, caused the problems with creating new domains, adding more mail accounts, being unable to login because of the upper error, or "to many connections".
    also one of the mistakes i made, maybe, was to change the server`s hostname. after changing, or the server configuration from the isconfig, or the hostname, the problems started ...

    can someone please take a look at this errors, and eventually give me an idea ??

    thanks !
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    You have to add a new virtual inteface for every IP. This is always the case in Linux and has nothing to do with ISPConfig.

    The network settings in ISPConfig do not matter as they were not used on fedora or centos servers. So changing these IP addresses could not have caused you the problems that you described, you must have chnaged something else on the shell too.

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