Adding DNS service to existing multi-server setup

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by NdK, Nov 15, 2021.

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    I'm trying to add bind9 to our two-node ISPConfig3 install.

    Originally, I installed the system without bind9 (just skipped its install from "the perfect server" guide, just like webmail).
    Now, I tried installing it on both nodes, but seems something is still not good.
    On the first node, I had to delete /etc/bind/named.conf.local or ISPC wouldn't overwrite it. But I find no way to have the second server host the same zone as slave.
    I already tried re-running " --force" (already at the latest release on updated Debian10 system), creating /etc/bind/slave/ on the second server (the slave one) and remove named.conf.local on the second server too.
    I also tried deleting and recreating the slave zone but nothing changed.

    Surely I'm missing something. What should I do to make it work as expected?
  2. NdK

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    Uhm... Seems the coffee pause (or just writing the message... Murphy rulez!) helped the server resync.
    Now it seems the slave zone got propagated. Anything else I should check?
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    My signature has link to tutorial for setting up bind9 on ISPconfig. It has instructions for checking it works.
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    Yup, tks.
    I already found it and it's quite useful, but for installing a new server. For example, doesn't cite you have to delete package-supplied named.conf.local, since IIUC it's the ISPConfig installer that takes care of that step, but I have ISPConfig already installed on those servers and I'm not going to add a dedicated pair for DNS...
    Since I've had to do an undocumented step, I just needed to be sure it's not going to break randomly :)

    Now I "just" have to see if/how split-horizon can be managed from ISPC.
  5. NdK

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    @till seems the template for slave zones should be updated.
    Currently, it contains a line like
    file "/etc/bind/slave/sec.${DOMAIN}"
    but (at least in Debian 11) it should be
    file "/var/cache/bind/sec.${DOMAIN}"
    The problem is that apparmor denies bind user the permission to write to /etc/bind/slave by default, regardless of permissions in the fs.
    Currently I added two lines in /etc/apparmor.d/local/usr.sbin.named :
    /etc/bind/slave/** lrw,
    /etc/bind/slave/ rw,
    But it's just a workaround.
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