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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dimas, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. dimas

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    this is my second new thread in a row, i'm sorry - but this question is a bit different...

    i can't add an installation source in yast (suse 10.1). i do everything according to the 'perfect setup' (using mirrors from but after adding a mirror computer seems to hang for 10-20 minutes and then displays 'an error occurred while preparing the installation source'.

    at the same time my internet connection works - i can get files with wget easily...
    also, the installion sources that i'm trying to add are accessible from another pc...
  2. dimas

    dimas Member

    By the way, I can't even add a local directory as an installation source (after copying all files from suse dvd-rom)

    The error I get is described above.

    Please help me...
  3. falko

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  4. vbrookie

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    I guess you can add the installation source manually using y2pmsh (Yast2 Package Manager Shell)
    I haven't tested it but it sound promising.
    1) Install y2pmsh from DVD: yast -i y2pmsh
    2) Excute: y2pmsh
    3) Add installation source: source -a http://your.mirror.url/and/installation/source

    Hope this works for yyou.
  5. dimas

    dimas Member

    thank you for your reply! however, I became so frustrated with suse 10.1 over these 2 days, that I just ditched it and installed fedora core 5 :)

    It was not an easy decision - because I always aspire to get down to the root of the problem... I guess it just was too much for me...

    by the way, I had this problem with installation sources on only one pc (on my second pc it went well) - I don't know why!

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