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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by markosjal, Feb 26, 2019.

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    I have a dedicated server that is virtualized and one VM is running ISPConfig 3.1.13 and hosting a few web sites.

    All of my DNS is handled by my registrars so I pointed the new subdomain to the servers IP address. ISPConfig does nothing on the DNS side in my configuration. I then created a new client in ISP config as I want to ensure as much separation as possible with a new, and probably insecure demo app.

    so my domain is for instance also running an alias with . when user goes to they see english and when they go to they see spanish all by the same web hosting & files and the language is selected in php based on host name

    So i added a subdomain under the new client and the FTP user. I uploaded some files, only to find out that and were now being directed to this new space that was created only for .

    I backtracked , undid it all, and all is good. Is this not possible?? I am VERY concerned about the security of the demo app I want to upload so it seems best to separate it as much as possible. As I recall each client has their own set of permissions so that would help to keep a hacker out of and while accessing

    Thanks in advance,
  2. till

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    Probably you mixed IP and * in the ipv4 field. use * for all sites or the IP, but don't mix it as an IP is a stronger match than a wildcard in apache and nginx.

    Regarding your subdomain site, adding it as new separate site is a good choice security wise.
  3. markosjal

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    It was added as "*"
  4. till

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    Do all sites of your server use ssl? Similar behavior can be observed when you mix sites with ssl and sites without ssl on the same server (IP), when you access site a which has no ssl, then you will get site b instead. To fix this, enable ssl for all sites or use different IP addresses for ssl and non-ssl sites.
  5. markosjal

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    I currently use NO SSL at all.

    interesting note:

    after previously having remoed , i then re-added it . This time I noticed that after it was re-created the second time and configuring an FTP account and viewing it, I now had [DEFAULT] showing under client name when I viewed the FTP account after creating it.

    I then deleted a second time and re-created a third time and all is good the third time.

    Probably should restart server after month of uptime.

    I now have a new issue
  6. till

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    The word default is used when a website is assigned to the admin directly instead of a client.

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