adding 2nd slave to web mailmysq database cluster debian & Suggestion requests

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    The 2nd time around I followed this tutorial it worked SO many thanks:D

    I now have 2 mirrored servers, although they are both in the same place.

    How can I add a third server (2nd slave, in a different place) into the mix ? For complete redundancy. Im thinking i should do this before adding any sites.

    Also does anyone have any suggestions for some sort of automated backup? Of databases & files. Or is it easy to restore a failed server into the mix? I can only see some older tutorials, and technology moves so fast.....

    Im guessing id need to, (well like to) image both master & slaves. For speedy recovery in a crisis.

  2. till

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    Running 3 servers as mirror is not that easy, the main problem is mysql and also unison sync with 3 nodes might become complicated. At the end you might find out that a 3 node setup has more downtime then a 2 node setup due to mysql replication problems in a 3 node setup.

    If you want to create a mysql replication between more then 2 nodes, you have to make a mysql replication ring like it is described here:

    ISPconfig does not matter in this regard as ispconfig supports as many mirrors as you want, the limiting factor is only mysql and the sync of the data directories.

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