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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by markelino, Mar 12, 2020.

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    Is there some valid published article for today how to setup a 2nd sibling ISPconfig server but managed from a single master?
    Since my DNS records are managed by external DNS provider, is it needed to have DNS deployed for such paired ISPc servers? Currently do not have DNS populated on master or used even, though its installed. Is it recommended to have ISPc DNS maybe utilized and not use only external DNS alone for websites hosted?

    Don't recall the installation process, but upon installation do we get prompted maybe for which ver of PHP to install or by default up to what ver is supported?

    Safe to have 2 different versions of PHP I assume between the main and sibling server, right?

  2. Taleman

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    The ISPConfig manual explains how do multiserver setup, which is controlled from ISPConfig panel on one master server. But since you want for today, you probably have read the manual and noticed it was published 2016-09-27. You may find later posts from forums, but that manual is what I have used and it works.
    I admit I do not understand one bit of what you are asking here. But I know that single and multiserver ISPConfig setups are possible both using external DNS provider or using ISPConfig to manage the DNS servers.
    ISPConfig supports the PHP version that comes with the operating system it is installed on. And that is the only PHP version officially supported. However, for websites use it is possible to install additional PHP versions and configure by website which version it uses. You do not bother to mention which OS you plan to use, but for Debian and Ubuntu it is done like this: . I think there exists similar repo with extra php version for CentOS, but do not know more about that.
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    Basically you install the services that the server node shall provide by using the current perfect server guides, then choose expert mode during ispconfig installation and let it join the master server. On the master server, there must be a MySQL root user which allows access from IP and hostname of the new server.

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