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Discussion in 'General' started by MarkMarkMark, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. MarkMarkMark

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    Gidday, I've been using ISPConfig3 for years and having no real issues.
    (Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (Focal Fossa)) ISPConfig 3.2.4

    I recently added a second database to an existing website for the same Database user.
    ie. database user c1Commerce for two databases c1Commercedb and c1Commercedb_old for the same website. (I wanted to retain it to compare its structure and values easily)

    In the list of databases in ISPconfig it shows only one database in the list belonging to the site, the first created, being c1Commercedb_old, both show in phpmyadmin however, editable with no problems.

    Trying to drop the second newer database seems now an issue as there is no option in phpmyadmin to DROP and its not listed in ISPconfig database list to delete as described above. Changing to Active checkbox's seems not to help.

    Another minor issue is I only have one Database user if I select a sort order, no items list, all other sort orders do work.
    Active Remote Access Client Server Website [Database user] Database name

    Small issues, but until I post here I won't know if its just me.

    Thank-you for any suggestions with this.
  2. ahrasis

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    Question(s): why do you need two databases for one website? Can you use prefix?
  3. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Did you add the second database as the admin user, perchance? If so, you might not see it when logged in as the client, I'm not sure; you definitely should see it when logged in as admin. I'm pretty sure I've made this setup in the past, but will have to test with current code to see if the issue is reproducable.
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This works fine in ISPConfig, just tested it. See screenshot. Tested this as admin user and also as client user.

    Did you maybe mess around with the databases in phpmyadmin as root user like creating the second database in phpmyadmin and not in ISPConfig? Or you may be limited the database list to just this one database by using the selectors on top of the list?

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  5. MarkMarkMark

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    Thankyou every one above, I have made an error...

    I'm the only user and run multiple websites from the one server, ISPconfig was a good solution for me. So I only have one client and database user, multiple web site solutions for my small business.
    Thankyou for the screenshots Till, it opened my eyes a little wider to the error visually but their may still be an issue for you to consider.

    So this is how all this went down.
    I renamed the original existing database thru ispconfig adding the _old to the end.
    I then recreated the database using the original name in ispconfig for that website.
    phpmyadmin showed both databases together listed as the original database name both in a little ??baskett icon?? then both separately under each properly named with a [+] symbol.
    I Guess, at some stage I must have changed the website for the _old database thru Ispconfig by my error. (If I knew I had I could have deleted it easy)
    I have changed it back.
    Ok, so my problem is solved I guess, but I do have a small question to complete my understanding of the issue as to why if I changed the website that owned the database that phpmyadmin still showed it in the basket?? along with the original database of the original site and not now in a new basket with the other database of the new site. (leaving me to believe that it was correct and hence these posts)
    Were you able to replicate the drop-down issue that only appeared only when sorting by [Database user]?

    Thankyou also ahrasis, your question has answered a development question for me about another site software I host, not relevant to Ispconfig, I'm still learning.

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