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Discussion in 'General' started by almere, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. almere

    almere HowtoForge Supporter

    Hi, %username% !

     ps aux | grep apache2 | grep web6 | grep -v grep
    will return all proccesses of the current user? So like this i can control user server load, right?

    Thank you
  2. till

    till Super Moderator

    You should remove the grep on apache2, as your current statement does not include all processes of the user.
  3. almere

    almere HowtoForge Supporter

    Hi Till,

    Thank you.

    But it still doesn't work. What i want is:

    I want to see all processes of usergroup client1. I made a ,heavy for server, php script, i runned it from 3 several computers, i runned command
    ps aux | grep web6 | grep -v grep
    , but i'v got an empty result. Why?

  4. almere

    almere HowtoForge Supporter

    AssignUserID client1 web6
    (in v-host) help?
  5. till

    till Super Moderator

    Each website has its own user, so the grep on the user is correct, you dont need to deal with groups here.

    If you get a resuilt here depends on the configuration of the sites. The sites have to use the php modes php cgi, php-fcgi or suphp and suexec has to be active. If they use mod_php, then you can not get the processes of the site as tehre are no separate processes then.

    Your command above works when the correct php mode and suexec is used:

    ps aux | grep web16 | grep -v grep
    web16     3689  3.3  1.1 130968 44804 ?        S    07:29   3:37 /usr/bin/php-cgi -d open_basedir=/var/www -d upload_tmp_dir=/var/www/clients/client15/web16/tmp -d session.save_path=/var/www/clients/client15/web16/tmp
    web16    12204  2.8  1.1 131748 45052 ?        S    08:02   2:05 /usr/bin/php-cgi -d open_basedir=/var/www -d upload_tmp_dir=/var/www/clients/client15/web16/tmp -d session.save_path=/var/www/clients/client15/web16/tmp
    web16    15784  2.8  1.1 132000 45264 ?        S    08:13   1:44 /usr/bin/php-cgi -d open_basedir=/var/www -d upload_tmp_dir=/var/www/clients/client15/web16/tmp -d session.save_path=/var/www/clients/client15/web16/tmp
  6. almere

    almere HowtoForge Supporter

    Just tested, works perfect. Is there a big difference between mod_php and fast cgi? Will all sites (and main cms) works on fast cgi ?
  7. till

    till Super Moderator

    Normally all sites should work on fastcgi, especially cms systems will work even better. mod_php should not be used on shared hosting enviroment as all sites run under the apache user then which might allow clients to access fat from other sites.
  8. almere

    almere HowtoForge Supporter

    Thank you , Till.

    Soon, i will present my module to control users server load.
  9. pandyarenu

    pandyarenu New Member

    Fastcgi is very simple and it is the extension of cgi, it is a language independent, it runs applications in processes isolated from the core web server, it is provides the great security, while compare to the others. It is a very stable protocol. Generally, when loading mod_php as an apache module, it allows to internet php files.
  10. almere

    almere HowtoForge Supporter

    Thank you, pandyarenu ;)

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