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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lex0429, May 31, 2007.

  1. lex0429

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    using Fedora 6 i followed the guide to install the perfect LAMP and i installed ISPConfig...Everything is fine except for a few issues..sorry to put these in 1 post but id rather not create multiple posts

    -i created a test site and created an admin user. When i deleted that user it shows me i have none for that account yet when i try to create a new one and make it teh admin it says one already exists. this could be completley unrelated but on my system if i go to system-->Administration-->Users and Groups it wont even open. It used to before i followed all the steps in teh guide

    -I installed Roundcube using the .pkg file. I can login and send mail but none of the account settings are being saved for the users after they log out. For example, by default the timezone is GMT, when i change it to EST it saves and everything is ok but when i logout and log back in its back to GMT..this goes for the display name also.

    -when i use outlook to setup a pop3 account i cant login to the pop3 server. it finds it ok but login fails....i tried everything for teh username that might work, [email protected], jsmith, etc.

    -When a user FTP's in it puts them in their home directory, by default i want it to put them in the web folder within their home directory where all the files reside.
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  2. edge

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    Make sure that you empty the ISPconfig's Recylce Bin.

    Use Hans his howto on installing RoundCube (it will use it's own database, and save all the needed info in it) More info:

    Did you also try webNR_smith ?

    You will need to set the user to Administrator. You can do this in ISPconfig > ISPmanager > the Domain > User & Email > click on the user name, and enable Administrator for him.
  3. lex0429

    lex0429 New Member


    I tried this once before and it didnt work but i will give it another try. I would rather have it work this way instead anyway.

    Previously i had removed any user prefix but when i put it back and used the format you described it worked fine. At least i know the POP3 server is working as it should. Thanks!!

    They are the administrator and they can FTP in, i just want to change the folder they go into when they login. Right now its the one directly above the folder which stores all the website files. I want them to go directly into that folder.
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  4. falko

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    If you change the admin's homedir, you'll get all sorts of problems, especially with email. So don't do it.
  5. lex0429

    lex0429 New Member

    There has to be a way to accomplish this..the user should only be able to FTP into the directory with the website files stored...Otherwise they can cause quite a bit of trouble...anyone????

    Also, every user who is created has FTP access even if they arent an "administrator" on that do i disable this as its a HUGE security flaw??
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  6. Hans

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  7. lex0429

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    In my opinion thats obsurd. If i want to grant a user some webspace i should be able to but i dont. I just want them to have an email address. The two shouldnt go hand in hand. Again, just my opinion.
  8. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    It would be nice if there where some options to choose from, like mailuser or ftp-user. But with the current version of ISPConfig that's not possible.

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