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    Followed the howto and seem to be having a strange problem, just installed 8.10 today and am pretty much a newbe to linux so suggest anything no matter how simple :)

    I can 'smbclient \\SERVER -U username' and connect to the share no problem so i assume all is generally good and if I 'ls -als /cifs/SERVER/' the ls works and I see $ADMIN $C $D but now the fun begins...

    This can be seen best by browsing via GUI to the /cifs/SERVER/ folder, I can see the 3 shares; then 1 disappears, then 2 disappear, then the last changes to a file icon instead of a folder and then all 3 folders appear again and the process repeats. I cant access any of the folders because if I try I'm told the location dosent exist.

    If anyone can shed some light that would be great, TIA.
  2. Integ

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    Can anyone suggest a better solution if this is a freak problem. :confused:
  3. falko

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    Do you see any errors in the log files (in the /var/log directory)?
  4. Integ

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    syslog was complaining that username 'user' was wrong credientials but i wasnt using the username user in the cred file, and if it was wrong why could i see the root share, and that wouldnt explain the folder self deleting...

    After reading some more I decided to go for a debian desktop, I have to agree with alot of ppl saying 8.10 is slow I found it very very sluggish, maybe a driver problem but unfortunatily I dont know how to tell.

    I'm trying to get to grips with linux again to setup a etch server so maybe the deb desktop is a better way to go from the learning angle anyway.

    Thanks for the reply, i will try the same howto again on lenny this time and post back (i wanted to check really that the howto wasnt out of date or something like that).
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