Accessing control panel on domain name

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    System Info

    OS - Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
    ISPConfig -

    Installed ISPConfig using the very excellent Tutorial @

    Everything work great after install the only issue I have is accessing the control panel using the domain name. I have no problem accessing the control panel using a local network ip eg.. https://192.168.1.***:8080

    Now on page 6 of the tutorial just before you add the alias for webmail after you install and configure squirrelmail it says

    You can now access SquirrelMail from your web site as follows:

    You can also access it from the ISPConfig control panel vhost (after you have installed ISPConfig, see the next chapter) as follows (this doesn't need any configuration in ISPConfig):

    But everytime I type in or cause I created that alias, I keep getting this page cannont be displayed. I also get the same thing when I type to access the control panel.
    I would so like to beable to access the control panel using the last example.

    Not sure if i missed something and was supposed to create a subdomain for it or just dns records

    Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated
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    Fixed it

    For some reason i must have forgot to forward port 8080 but i also had created the subdomain as well

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