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Discussion in 'General' started by framacomputer, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. framacomputer

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    Hi everybody i'm new here please help me in my problem.... i'm windows technicant and i'm trying to become a linux user.....step by step. ok... i installed an ispconfig in my debian webserver and all is going fine but i can access to ispconfig panel only by local network for example if type in the browser i see the isp config page if i type from a pc in a same network ok but if assign to debian an a public ip adress like (for example) and from a pc connected to internet (in another place) nothing. i think is a restriction but where?
    Thanks everybody

    p.s. excuse my bad english:)
  2. wassimeh

    wassimeh New Member

    Are you behind a router ?
    Firewall active on router ?

    Maybe you should try to activate the DMZ on your machine or port foward the port 81 on your server ?
  3. framacomputer

    framacomputer New Member

    I solved the problem

    the problem was the firewall on the router :) i forgot it! now all is ok

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