Access denied error on ISPConfig interface

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Frost, Apr 10, 2021.

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    Screenshot from 2021-04-11 00-51-06.png [​IMG]
    2 dedicated server with master-master replication
    1. I upgraded it from ubuntu 18.04.05 to 20.04.2 via do-release-upgrade
    2. install necessary software describe in ISPConfig for Ubuntu20.04
    3. run --force to upgrade ispconfig server from 3.1.15p3 to 3.2.4
    I initial got issue with roundcube but was able to fix it by dpkg-reconfigure and apt upgrade.
    I notice my mysql config for master-master replication was gone and mysql was upgraded to 8.0 but the data seems to be intact.
    php7.2-fpm was upgraded also to php7.4-fpm
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