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Discussion in 'General' started by Ohem, Jul 4, 2007.

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    As of right now ISPConfig works just fine but got stuck in mind of three aspects. I'm sure it already been posted and answered but don't what to use as keyword for searching.

    Anyway, right now I'm using a free no-ip.org domain but let's say when i hypothetically decide by a real domain, i want to change the adress to ISPConfig (https) login with that adress: Sure just edit the config file, no big deal i guess(?) but when changing the login adress, wouldn't the SSL cert whine about it? How do i change/customize the SSL certificate to the new domain?

    And another thing, a scenario is better expressed than a question itself: When i buy a domain and decide to (re)install everything: How do i reach the recent ISPConfig login creation (you know the part in the end of the installation) with the domain if i haven't configured the domain to use ISPConfig as a primary DNS server?

    As an example: The end of installation asks me to fill out the hostname and domain in order to reach the login of ispconfig, now does ispconfig automatically create DNS so i can reach the login from another computer? Or do i have to be on the server in order to reach the login as a "first attempt" to continue?

    About webmail, my current ISP have the port 25 blocked unless you use the relay (with the same port), this is due to all the spam: So, how do i configure the mailserver to use that relay?

    As for the mailserver part, i almost would like to request a feature of easier managing of emailserver with access to the different protocolls to it.

    I hope i was clear enough, sorry if it was confusing.
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    You must configure every domain on the DNS server that is authoritive before you can use it. This may be your ISPConfig server or another server from your ISP. Please have a look at the DNS howtos:



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