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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by satimis, Jan 27, 2007.

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    Hi folks,


    Server --> Router --> Modem --> ISP

    The connection to Internet is running fixed/static IP. I have domain registered. I suspect the router which was supplied and presetup by ISP on loan, has been locked by ISP. The internel IP of the server is IP address, LAN, on the router is locked by ISP. Typing on browser requested login and password. Typing admin login and password did not work.

    Now I'm prepared to build my own gateway including firewall on an old PII box. The new connection will be;
    Server --> Gateway --> Modem --> ISP

    The router will be removed for other use, not necessary going through 2 gateway.

    Please advise what information are needed from ISP to setup my own gateway. What is the reason for ISP to lock IP address on the router which is on my LAN.


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    There are three IP ranges which are strictly for internal usage and which should never be exposed to the internet. The ranges are
    Code: - - -
    As you can see your IP address is in this range. It's private space and is used behind a router. The router uses the NAT protocol to translate multiple internal IP addresses to the external address, and directs returning packets back to the originator. Maybe this will give you a start with how and why.

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