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  1. mark0168

    mark0168 New Member

    I tried to use ISPconfig to run a Free hosting service.
    I need to force bottom ads (like Google Adsense) to cover the server fee.

    1) Is there any way to force bottom ads on all the HTML or PHP?

    2) About PTR.
    We have found that ISPconfig can't add reverse PTR records when we have two servers for different IP with one domain.
    Though it won't impact webpage browsing, we are afraid that it may cause email blocked by ISPs as spam.

    For example, we have 2 servers with one domain to put lots of subdomains.
    ISPconfig seems allow mx record with many IP but not to domain PTR record.

    Is there anyway to have one domain with different PTR IPs?

    3) About SOAP
    We have found that installing PHP Soap module will make Remoted failed.
    That's strange. Is there a special reason for Remoted dislike Soap module?
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  2. mark0168

    mark0168 New Member

  3. rasputin2008

    rasputin2008 New Member

    Hello mark

    I am considering the use of ISPConfig on a free hosting service.
    How reliable is it for managing high numbers of users/settings/traffic?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. mark0168

    mark0168 New Member

    ISPconfig is pretty good if you would like to do free webhosting.

    However, you may need good at managing server and be able to tune your server because we have suffered some problems when we are having over 1000+. Then we found that we need to increase some value of our server setting to make it normal.

    We are still using ISPconfig beause it is one of the best free hosting panel.
    The other best ones, we haven't found yet.

    As I know, some of free hosing software as Layeredpanel using ISPconfig.
    I know that beause I bought one from LP.
    I don't need LP license anymore now if you are interested in buying cheap LP license.
    I can sell my LP licnese to you with 30% OFF or more.
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  5. rasputin2008

    rasputin2008 New Member

    Thank you very much mark.

    I was also considering Virtualmin as an alternative but I am not sure of its capabilities either. I guess you dumped it into the 'no good' category.

    Thank you for the offer as well.
    When I make up my mind I will take it into consideration.

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