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    hi to all, if you did read my posts, you have some idea that I am really newbie about linux and especially postfix,but with your helps I am learning so fast , due to this reason thank you all,
    I confugure postfix , now I can send email to user that I created in my email server and send to other email addresses such as hotmail(but still they are recognized as a junk email:( ) anyway, as you remember our mail server in germany, and we wanna have a same mail server in my country, now I cant send from hotmail to my addresses because, the real host in germany maildealor recive the messages, I cant receive messages, I have [email protected] in my mail server, but hotmail recognize it in germany and send to that server ,and it says there is no a mail like that,
    I wonder how I can recive the emails from other email servers, and especially how I can receive emails that sent to emails at the germany server,
    I want to when a mail send to [email protected] , it comes to server that I created in my country not only the server in germany, but also my server, can I do this, have you any idea
    thank you all
  2. falko

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    This happens because you're either on a blacklist, you use a dynamic IP address, you don't have a proper PTR or SPF record, etc... Hotmail is very restrictive about this.

    Because your domain's MX record points to your server in Germany. You can check with
    dig mx yourdomain.com
    You can use /etc/aliases or canonical_maps or relocated_maps on your server in Germany to forward mails to [email protected] to something like [email protected] which can then be received by your second server.

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