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    Hi to all,

    I have two question about the howto on Phpvirtualbox install on headless server.

    Firstly, installing virtualbox as described in the how to you also install all uneeded library for GUI ...

    I have installed virtualbox with the command:

    aptitude -R install virtualbox-4.3 (latest available now)

    In this mode you can install only all is realy needed for virtualbox on a server pc without X (I suspect that maybe is possible to limit more the unwanted library ... but I have not found news about).

    In my case with the suggested metod in howto apt want install about 508 Mb, with my suggestion you can install only 81 Mb !!!

    The second question is ... I cannot get phpvirtualbox running ....

    I have followed step by step the indications in the how to, but on my server (MB ASUS M5A 78L-M LX V2 with a AMD CPU FX-8320 with 8Gb RAM and UBUNTU SERVER 12.04-3 64bit) after login the pc crash and reboot every time ...

    I have disabled the users autentication in config.php and now I can view the first page of phpvirtualbox, but if I try any thing, the server reboot.

    In /var/www I have chowned www-data:www-data all content of directory phpvirtualbox ...

    Any suggestion ?

    Thank in advance,


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