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    sorry if this is a silly question, but from what i read online it dose not answer my questions.

    i have static IP from my broadband provider, i also have registered domains from a hosting company that i have pointed to my own server which runs ispconfig.
    what i want to know is where do i get AAAA records from, who is responable for providing them based on the information i gave above, or is it somthing that ispconfig or linux can generate?

    please advise, i have no idea.
  2. Taleman

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    If by AAAA records you mean DNS name service recorcs, the AAAA records are for IPv6 addresses. A-records are for IPv4 addresses.
    So if you have also a static IPv6 address for your host, you should set up AAAA record for it. Do it the same way you set up the A record.
  3. budgierless

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    ok so just to be clear, I have to go to my ISP to proivded my static IP range (IPv4) to give me IPv6 infomation?
    also are ipv6 just newer version of the same ipv4 address, or are ipv6 a completely different set of ip silmer to getting an addional ip address but in ipv6 form?
  4. till

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    IPv6 addresses are independent of its IPv4 counterpart. So it's not a new version of your existing IPv4 address, nonetheless most users use it as a kind of newer version of their IPv4 addresses by e.g. selecting IPv4 and IPv6 address in a website.
  5. budgierless

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    oh i see, so if i want to have IPv6 addresses i have to buy them along-side the IPv4 from my ISP broadband provider?
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Most providers issue IPv6 addresses and subnets for free. But this might be different at your hosting provider, you can probably find the info on their website or ask their support.

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