A word of advice for users using DigitalOcean VPS & a word of Praise2 ISPConfig team

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    Like many who have reached these pages I too wished I may easily manage my own server for my own websites as well as those of clients.

    This is not to recommend any service but to provide a perspective hoping it may help some people not to waste too much time.

    I am using DigitalOcean service for my VPS. After trying to install ISPConfig 3 on Ubuntu 12 I have discovered that DigitalOcean's Ubuntu droplets (that is how there refer to the VPS) doesn't support quota for some reason. After their support suggested CentOS 6, I have wasted a lot of time trying to fix what seemed to be like a working server - Clam and Postfix issues seemed to be never ending.

    Finally, and after much debate, I gave Debian a shot...
    Following the guide on this website I have finally installed a server which seems to be working like a charm.

    Hence, if you are using DigitalOcean - DEBIAN is the correct flavor. Make sure you get the 1GB ram for a flawless server operation.


    ALSO, and more importantly, I want to thank Till from Projektfarm Support Team, who provided straight to the point support.
    I also want to thank the community for their help and guidance.
    Most importantly, I do want to urge everyone using ISPConfig to continue and support this project and the wonderful supportive team behind it - with kind words and a green/blue bill :)

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