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  1. JohnK42

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    This is my first day and first post on the forum. Like many others, I've avoided ISPConfig because it lacks a file manager. Please don't use this thread to discuss the pros and cons of having a file manager, but please do share your enthusiasm or concerns about the solution I'm listing here.

    I've just installed ISPConfig and I'll continue to use it provided this filemanager solution works flawlessly. I've only tested it for a short time, but it's working fine so far. I did have problems when uploading a 30meg Zip file, but further tests indicated it was also a problem on another working server with a different panel.

    So far, this file manager is proving to do everything I want and it takes one minute to install. I have nothing to do with the development project, I just discovered it by accident a couple of days ago.

    As a new member I'm unable to post a link, but just enter Help Documentation - Tiny File Manager in your favourite browser.

    If you try the demo, the username is admin and the password is [email protected]

    The file manager is a single PHP file weighing in at around 170kb You may also need an additional supplied file for translation to another language.

    How to install.
    1. Create a directory in your root. I called mine "filemanager"
    2. Upload tinyfilemanager.php to that directory and rename the file index.php
    3. Run yoursite/filemanager
    4. Use the password above.
    5. Bingo, you now have a file manager for your site running with ISPConfig and you can supply this feature to your clients as well.
    Because modern browsers use Tabs, you can open the file manager in one tab and ISPConfig in another. However, I'm sure it won't be long before someone explains how to integrate it with ISPConfig.

    I'm amazed to see how much 170kb of can do. Please post here if you have problems or discover useful tips.
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  2. corto

    corto Member

    hello @JohnK42,
    Just tried the demo, it's nice!
    in the doc: https://tinyfilemanager.github.io/docs/
    There is a part talking about integration:
    Embedding #back to top
    Include file manager in another script. Just define FM_EMBED and other necessary constants.
    class SomeController
        public function actionIndex()
            define('FM_EMBED', true);
            define('FM_SELF_URL', UrlHelper::currentUrl()); // must be set if URL to manager not equal PHP_SELF
            require 'path/to/tinyfilemanager.php';
    define('FM_EMBED', true);
    define('FM_SELF_URL', $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);
    require 'path/tinyfilemanager.php';
    I agree with you, should be a good idea to integrate it on ispconfig.
    Thx for sharing this
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    TinyFileManager uses an incompatible license, so it can not be integrated into ISPConfig. While ISPConfig uses a liberal and free BSD style licensing, TinyFileManager uses a copyleft enforcing license GPL V3 which means it can not be integrated into ISPConfig without affecting the license of the current ISPConfig code.
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  4. corto

    corto Member

    Didn't thought about that.
    Thx till
  5. elmacus

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  6. s.dmitry

    s.dmitry New Member

    I'm using net2ftp
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  7. budgierless

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  8. CCP Programmers

    CCP Programmers New Member

    I'm the core contributor/managing Tinyfilemanager, I don't have any issue to ISPConfig using/customizing file manager. I'll update the licence in feature releases.
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  9. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    That would be great if you would consider e.g. Dual licensing with e.g. a BSD style license as the second license.
  10. JohnK42

    JohnK42 New Member

    @CCP Programmers. I stopped using Tiny File Manager because it was unable to handle large zip or tar uploads on my system. Unfortunately any Zip file larger than 10 meg failed because of a timeout error. Other than that I was very impressed. Oddly, it could bulk upload the same files provided they weren't zipped or Tarred.

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