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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by theRick, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. theRick

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    I am looking to host 5 of my own websites on a single slice that I've purchased on linode.com

    I've gone through the "The Perfect Server" guide and installed ispconfig and am successfully able to see my domains so everything went ok there.

    I am a total novice at this whole web server thing. I've been hosting high traffic web sites for 6 years, but they've always been fully managed and included WHT and Control Panel so I never got my hands dirty. I'm really just in the experimenting stage right now, but I want to get comfortable with what I'm doing have a few questions.

    1. The example uses server1.example.com - I believe the host is ubuntu in pre-existing image on linode so I used ubuntu.catchrandr.com throughout my setup. I put catchrandr.com as I figured that would be my primary domain and ubuntu because that is what the image install had. Is that right?

    2. During the ISPconfig installation I got to the step

    And I tried to enter host ubuntu domain catchrandr.com and it could not connect. I had to put in the linode IP address to complete the installation. It works, but I don't know if its right. Again, was I suppose to use something other than catchrandr.com? Should I have setup the DNS in Linode and GoDaddy prior to the installation?

    3. In regards to DNS. Linode has a DNS manager which is what I'm using right now as NS1 and 2 .linode.com. Given that I only have one IP address should I be doing someting like NS1.catchrandr.com and NS2.linode.com or is that not really beneficial?

    4. Because I'm in the experimentation stage I was thinking about trying a couple other control panels like webmin. Does this require any additional changes in the "Perfect Server" instructions?
  2. falko

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    If ubuntu.catchrandr.com is pointing to your server, yes. Otherwise you should create a hostname in DNS that points to your server, or you use the one that
    dig -x
    (replace with the server's public IP) shows.

    See my previous answer.

    Do you want to run your own DNS servers?

    No, but please be aware that ISPConfig and webmin can interfere with each other, so you might get strange results and mess up your server.

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