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    Well, I'm really thinking about installing linux, but can't really due to my 80GB HD space. I am thinking about buying a 250GB external harddrive, would I be able to partion my external harddrive do I can have linux/storage space on my external harddrive and windows on my main harddrive? Can someone provide me with a link to properly partition harddrives and make a dual boot screen? Thanks. :)

    Also, has anyone got a step by step guide(I can do it fine until I get to the partion, I think I need a partion for my / and need a partion for swap memory or somthing). Sorry I haven't done alot of research.
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    I searched a bit and found these links:
    http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/suse-linux-help/55764-install-suse-10-0-external-hard-disk.html :)

    You need at least a partition for /; swap is optional, but highly recommended. If you are in doubt, I'd go with a / and a swap partition for now.

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