A few easy questions on Ubuntu 7.10 Server

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by RonH, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. RonH

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    I'm trying to setup my own web server so that I can host my own website rather than paying monthly to use someone else's server.

    I was using the Ubuntu Server 7.10 tutorial, but I ran into a couple (probably) simple problems:

    1) Where it says server1.example.com, am I supposed to put chosenNameForServer.myDomain.com? Or do I have to put server1.example.com?
    2) I bought a domain name through godaddy, but what is my hostname supposed to be?
    3) Do I attach my server to the my domain (www.myDomainHere.com) name?

    Sorry for all of these n00bish questions, but I've never set a server up, and though there was alot explained a lot in the tutorial, I'm still confused about a lot of stuff too.
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  2. RonH

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    Help? Anyone?
  3. Leszek

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    You should enter some name with a main domain name which You choose,for example the domain You bough.Later Your main website should be added with ISPConfig.You can enter a hostname,which will let You easily identify the machine later, for example s1,server1,ronh etc.
  4. falko

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    If you've bought a domain at GoDaddy, you can create a subdomain at GoDaddy (e.g. server1.yourdomain.com) and use that for your server.
  5. nepgeek

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    you need nameserver point your domain to your server

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