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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sistemaslegionet, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Hello everybody,

    I've been installing many ISPConfig servers last months without problems.

    But both last ones servers are giving me the same problem. The system runs ok a pair of days. Then, it starts to run slow and finally system gets innoperative. Is not possible to use any service (pop,imap,http) and is not possible to make a local or ssh login. The hard disk led is on but there's not too much files opened. The ram memory is only charged to 30% and any hard proccess is chargind the cpu. Simply the system looks to be a turtle without reason.

    The number of version of ISPCconfig is 2.2.14 (maybe a version bug?) and both servers were installed following "howtoforge guides".

    One of then is a HP Proliant with core 2 duo cpu, 1GB ram and SATA disks. OS is OpenSUSE 10.3

    The other one is a HP Proliant with Intel Xeon CPU, SCSI disks and 2GB ram. OS is Debin Etch 4.0 R0

    The problem is exactly the same in both of them.

    Thanks everybody, your job is quite good.
    (sorry my English)
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