8.10 install into existing dual boot system

Discussion in 'Technical' started by PaulCJ, Mar 21, 2009.

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    UBUNTU install / daul boot

    Have decided to get try to grips with UBUNTU properly having fiddled around with 8.04 within a "virtual system" environment.

    I have a dual boot system with W98SE on the C:\ drive and Win XP on the G:\drive.
    XP is what is used routinely.
    I would like to replace the now never used W98SE system with UBUNTU (8.10). I do not need to save anything from the C:\ drive; it is any way fully backed up via Acronis true image.

    Is it possible to replace the original W98SE system with a UBUNTU 8.10 install without affecting the WinXP ?

    I do not want to go through the nausea of re-installing etc. the XP and all the associated hassle of programmes and data. It will be backed up again before I start anything.

    C:\ is 8.4GB but D:\ is 20 GB and can be mostly re-allocated to C:\ for use by ubuntu very easily.

    Before I do anything, any advice or pointers most welcome

    Paul Joslin
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