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Discussion in 'General' started by razor7, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. razor7

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    Hello all.

    I have followed the guide "Perfect Setup - Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04)", everything most than OK and installed ISPConfig with no problems.

    The Issue now is proFTPd, i´m using joomla CMS, and each time I install components or modules using the joomla built-in installer, the files can not be erased, changed or anything via FTP and this error arrises:
    I can not upload anything to the directoryes and not even rename or delete the files in them.

    I think is a chown issue, but i really want to figure out how to solve this issue so all manually uploaded or installed through joomla files can be erased or renamed as normal.

    Any idea?...

    Thanks a lot...
  2. mumbly

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    Hi !
    Same here !
    The user and group, by default, are set to web#_user:web# with ISPConfig.
    In order to make joomla work, i had to do a chown -R www-data:www-data web/ ... BUT, with that, the ftp does not "work" anymore, i mean, the rights are not good ...

    Can someone tell us what are the rights by default with ISPConfig and how does that work with http et ftp ?!!!

    Thanx in advance !
  3. Leszek

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    On webs without a user with administrator rights all the files are owned by the user that runs Apache.If You create an admin (which You should do) the files are owned by him (ex.web2_leszek (user) and web2 (group)).Only administrators have ftp access to their sites.
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  4. till

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  5. razor7

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    Thanks a lot for the advise, i dont know why but the notification emails are not reaching....

    OK this is the problem...if i upload anything using my admin account through FTP i can erase it later, but if i use the component installation feature in joomla, i can not erase or modify the files through FTP...

    Does i really need suPHP to solve this?

    There is not other sollution?, something in ispConfig to be reviewed?

    Thanks a lot.
  6. falko

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    Yes, or you chmod all files/directories to 777 which is very insecure (unless you're the only one who's got a user account on the server).

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