451 4.1.8 Possibly forged hostname

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wpwood3, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. wpwood3

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    There is one ISP that is rejecting mail from my mail server with the following error:

    451 4.1.8 Possibly forged hostname for
    My domain is mercedesshop.com.

    Is there a problem with my mail server or is the issue with that ISP?

    This is the definition I found for error 451 4.1.8:
    "This means that it was able to resolve the IP address, but it doesn't resolve to a hostname that matches both forward and reverse lookups."

    Please note that all of my incoming mail is routed through a proxy mail server to filter spam and viruses. I would not think that would make any difference for SMTP.
  2. wpwood3

    wpwood3 New Member

    Since my servername is mbshop2.mercedesshop.com
    Would it help if I added an A record for mbshop2?

    I am not using mbshop2 as a hostname for any of my webs.
  3. wpwood3

    wpwood3 New Member

    I'm going to try adding the A record for mbshop2 and see if it fixes the problem.
  4. wpwood3

    wpwood3 New Member


    Adding an A record for mbshop2 seems to have fixed the problem with the one ISP that was refusing email from my server.

    Now on to the next problem...
    I have another customer who is not getting emails from us. This one has a US Army email address. Whenever my mail server sends to him the connection times out. This one may be tougher to solve because there's no error code.
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