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Discussion in 'General' started by mickeb, Oct 13, 2007.

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    The install went very smooth and everything fine exept 3 small problems.

    The client guide seem little old (?) Every else guide very good but the client guide have some errors (?)

    Problem 1. WEBMAIL


    Its give error, no page found

    So i tried mailuser instead of webmail
    it works!

    When i try login it gives me a error:
    I found a thread about sending first email will active the email account i did that. Still not work. What seem the problem?

    What webmail program comes with ispconfig? The one as told in the client guide?

    Problem 2. PHPMYADMIN


    Not working, gives error page not found

    What do i enter to go to phpmyadmin? dosnt it come with the ispconfig?

    Problem 3. TOOL MENY

    I cant access the mail from the tool meny
    I cant access phpmyadmin from tool meny

    It says in guide i can.
    Humble regards
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    You can use them as explained in the manual but you first have to install them by using the ISPConfig update function (Managment -> Update Manager -> Update). You will find phpMyAdmin and the webmail in the Tools & Add-ons section of this page http://www.ispconfig.org/downloads.htm

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