3 requests, individual website migration (multi-server), domain limits module, & redirects.

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    website migration of individual websites between servers in a multi-server setup.
    currently have to change the server id in the master database and then run a re-sync for websites, ftp accounts etc.
    then once the new server location has created the website file structure, copy over all the files. then resync the old server to remove the old website /ftp etc configs.

    would be nice to be able to just go into the website settings, change the selected server in the server field and have it automatically recreate the configs on the new server (vhost conf, ftp user, db (if using localhost) etc). ask you to copy any files over (which may already be done if using shared storage) and click ok when done, whereupon it then removes the configs from the previous server.

    for domain limits in client module, be able to select which accounts that applies to. eg. multiserver setup, want it to apply to most accounts by default, so they can't create new domains/websites without our prior knowledge/billing. but a couple of clients may have a web/db server for their own dedicated use. may want to remove the domain limitation for them so they can create whatever domains they like without us having to apply the domains to their account first.

    website redirects. some clients, we have domains for, and they want that to redirect a different domain, not hosted with us. I know you can redirect the name.tld to www.name.tld and cname that in dns to the new domain, but some customers can barely spell dns, let alone configure it. would be nice to be able to configure the redirect so that the details are stored in the db, and a vhost configuration is made for it ( which is where the redirection is done), so it doesn't require any website files, so no file structure is created under /var/www to clutter the place up. ( we have one customer who has hundreds of domains, and he's redirected some to others, which redirect to others, which he's aliased to others. it's a bloody mess. :( )

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