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  1. monkfish

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    Using CentOS 6.4 x86_64 installationm a few issues with ispconfig I have not come across before, wasnt sure whether to put as separate issues but here they are:-

    - modifying server config/mail settings results in an error "Please specify valid RBL hostnames" if that field is left empty. eg. I move /var/vmail to a different volume /data/vmail and update the location in ispconfig system >> server config ?? mail. When I hit save I get the above error if RBL field is empty.

    - php_open_basedir
    On a new installation it appears "/usr/share/php" is repeated twice in web domain options PHP open_basedir.
    On an upgrade it appears that the new functionality for "private" folder is not added into php_open_basedir, nor if tools >> resync websites is run.

    - dovecot
    again on new install of x86_64 version, dovecot fails to start complaining of missing files. I think there might already be another post on this.

    ln -s /etc/dovecot/dovecot-sql.conf /etc/dovecot-sql.conf
    ln -s /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf /etc/dovecot.conf

    fixes the issue.

    - monitoring / mail
    Would it be possible to "split" monitoring of mail services into something like secure/non-secure. eg with using courier I only use IMAPS/POP3S and disable the non-secure protocols from starting. ispconfig however reports there is an error as its expecting both secure/nonsecure to be present. Any way of enabling/disabling?

    Thanks for looking and Thanks for ispconfig!
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  2. MyKE

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    RBL is Realtime Blackhole List, providers which protects spamlist up-to date, so you can add:
  3. monkfish

    monkfish New Member

    Yes, that I know.

    I was raising the fact that is is REQUIRED to be filled in if you use that page to modify any other settings.

    If, for example, an ispconfig machine is being used for intranet purposes it will not need any real-time blocking of outside emails.

    I still believe there is a minor logic flaw on that page?
  4. MyKE

    MyKE Member

    It's good question, maybe in next update it will be set as optional option. Maybe when you set it to or localhost it disable that option... :confused:
  5. till

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    Please note that only issues that were reported in the bugtracker gets tracked and fixed in the next release. So if you want to report a bug, please post it to the bugtracker:

  6. Hairy

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    It's certainly a logical flaw. I have the same problem. Once you click the 'Mail' tab in the server configuration, you're control panel starts throwing errors and becomes stuck on that page. From there, you cannot change tabs to the other settings, even if you are NOT changing any values in the Mail tab. The only way to get unstuck from that page is to click on one of the main tabs in the topmost navigation bar. Even then, some of those tabs don't respond on the first click, and you must click them a second time.

    Thanks for bringing up this problem along with all the other things that I have reported in the forums for CentOS 6.4 Perfect Server with ISPConfig.

    Maybe someone will start posting all these things in the bugtracker that till is referring to.
  7. monkfish

    monkfish New Member

    Revisiting this one, I shall enter a bug report.

    Thanks for ispconfig!

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