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    I have been having trouble trying to add a second client with a website. I am also having problems adding a shell user account for both the 1st client and 2nd client.

    A couple of weeks ago I was able to successfully setup a client, website, shell & ftp user for client1 for (client1.com)

    Today I tried to make a second client for domain (client2.com). I did the website setup exactly the same way as I did for client1 but ISPConfig doesn't generate anything in /srv/www/* for the website.
    I am also having a similar problem with trying to setup a shell user for both clients. I went through the same steps as I did when I created the shell user for client1 but ISPConfig would not generate the user account.
    Another thing that I noticed is when I visit www.client2.com, it directs me to www.client1.com

    I am hoping someone here could assist me in figuring out what is going wrong and how to fix the problem.


    Edit: Creating subdomains also doesn't seem to be working now either
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