2009/10/16_11:02:05 INFO: Resource is stopped

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  1. Torsson

    Torsson Member

    Can't get drbd to work in heartbeat.. hope someone can help me

    What it says when i start heartbeat
    syslog on the time 11:02:05
    Ha.c config file

    Haresources config

    The virtual ip dosen't come up and df -h dosent show that it mounted anything

    Im having exacly the same problem on both wendecoserver 1 and wendecoserver2. i have tryed to use 91..... and eth0 on drbd line with the same result.

    Also.. after the servers did the syncro i tryed to create a file in the primary servers /data/export and it did not show upp in the server2
  2. Torsson

    Torsson Member

    Anybody?... need to get this fixed in one week before my marketing get started. and i only have 1 gb left on the old server. need to move everything to the new 2 with Xen to be able to handle more clients.

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