2 Servers - Move Mail Domain from A to B

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  1. defconjuan

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    2 Servers in Multiple Mode - Move Mail Domain from A (master) to B?

    I have two servers in a multi-server setup. Both have mail services enabled. Server A is the master. I want to move a mail domain (including mailboxes and aliases) from A to B (and also B to A).

    This first scenario (A to B) is useful for going from a single to a multi server setup.

    The second, (B to A) would be useful if you wanted to decommission a server and move it's content back to the master.

    Can I? How? I've searched before posting.
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  2. falko

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    You can move mailboxes with imapcopy, imapsync, or IMAP TOOLS. I've written tutorials for each of them. :)
  3. defconjuan

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    Thanks, found them:

    This is useful for the data and account migration, cool. What then happens in ISPConfig? Right now, it shows the mail stored on Server B and the ability to change that is greyed out. I'd imagine just copying mailboxes and accounts would break the master ISPConfig's database no?
  4. falko

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    You'd have to create the mailboxes again on the other server and then move emails over.

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