2 Putty Running At The Same Time - Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.2

Discussion in 'Technical' started by [email protected], Jul 18, 2013.

  1. danhansen@denmark

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    Anybody who knows how to get 2 "Putty" sessions to run at the same time.... Tried everything.. Can't find anything in the setup..

    Using Putty on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.2 to control 2 ISPconfig Servers....
    Therefore it would be nice not to have to exit all the time, to setup stuff on both Servers ;)
  2. GrnEydDvl

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    I see this is an old one that didn't get answered, so I will give a simple answer.

    Quit using Putty and use something a bit more advanced. Like Poderosa. I like it far better than Putty.
  3. blue_i

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    hmn..never tried it..but it seem's will not work..try other opensource software.
  4. Quaxth

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    I could use PuTTY and WinSCP on the same time, both connected from the same desktop to the same server and both connected using SSH with user root! Just works well.
  5. blue_i

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    did you try to re-configure your ISPConfig to open a multiple port for SSH on which your putty can connect on different ports,by connecting a putty every time you connect, you need to connect to a specific port.
  6. danhansen@denmark

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    Hi Guy's

    Thanks for your help..

    Yes, it's a bit old this post but never the less I still fight the issue so thanks for the suggestions ;)

    Have a nice day...

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