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    I'm conducting some research on how to go about setting up a 2 node failover cluster but am struggling to find the correct path to start walking for what I want to do...

    The Want:
    - SQL
    - Webserver for HTTP websites
    - Email Server

    - Webserver for Forums & Wordpress Sites

    My ideal setup would be only to use the two servers as above, so specific webservices are on specific servers, SQL databases on both in case one goes down and not needing to set up a 3rd server for that thing called a HAproxy - can't the same be achieved by installing it on the two nodes?

    I've found a fair few dated guides on how to set up clusters but without knowing I'm looking at the right beginning I feel I'm wasting time when just talking to someone who knows their stuff can provide a little guidance for me to start setting up and learning...

    Is the above possible?

    What should I be looking at or Google-ing for to find useful resources?

    I'd rather not look at installing vSphere (which we are lucky enough to have at work) as it's costly and I'm dead poor.

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