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    Good day,

    Running ISPConfig on Ubuntu18.04.2.

    A developper has put a multi language site (with wpml) in an original site. I need to add a different domain name to the same environment and a SSL certificate to this new domain. ie: english-site.com and french-site.com (original site), the app takes care of presenting the right language.

    - If I try adding a new domain through Aliasdomain or Subdomain (no redirect) it redirects to the original domain name (english-site.com -> french-site.com). I need it to stay as the 'called' URL (no rewrite to the original name).

    - Also with these methods, I don't see how to add a TLS/SSL certificate? Would I need a multi-site certificate for this?

    Can I create a new Website (english-site.com) and point it to the original site environment (french-site.com / web1.client1 )? This way the URL would stay good and I'd have a place to add a second TLS cert.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Add it as aliasdomain and ensure that you do not have any redirects set in the website or alias domain when the cms takes care of domain mapping. When you use letsencrypt, then the aliasdomain is added to the cert automatically. if you have bought a ssl cert, then you need a multidomain ssl cert which contains both domains.
  3. jpcyrenne

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    All good now.
    Thank you for the help/confirmation.

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