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    I recently got hacked (My fault – had an old test user on my debian box with a poor password). Result was thousands of spam emails going out and my main IP x.x.x.147 getting blacklisted. (Problem fixed and other precautions put in place – IP reputation getting better)

    My General setup:

    2 servers (Debian with ISPconfig 2). (x.x.x.145 , x.x.x.147)
    1 modem (Comcast) with 5 static IP's. (set to bridge mode – 4 ports on rear)
    1 router (FVX538)
    1 router (FVS336G) – NEW not hooked up yet.

    My goal:

    Separate the 2 servers with the 2 different routers by static IP so each is independent. (Using same modem)

    MODEM -------> FVX538 x.x.x.147 --- all traffic in and out on x.x.x.147
    -----> FVS336G x.x.x.145 --- all traffic in and out on x.x.x.x145 - internal lan etc..

    Currently the FVX538 handles all traffic via rules to send the correct domain to the correct internal IP website. (Problem - if one gets hacked – both suffer (Blacklisted since all outbound goes through x.x.x.x.147)

    I've tried to set the static ip (x.x.x.145) on the new router plugged into the modem, but I lose everything pointed to x.x.x.x145. (After removing all rules pointing to x.x.x.145 on FVX538)

    I've read that this can be done – do I need to flush DNS on both servers in order for traffic destined for x.x.x.x145 to find 145 ?

    Anyone have 2 routers working independently on the same modem? Any ideas?


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