Apr 18, 2005
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May 14
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    1. Tom Dings
      Tom Dings
      Dear all, I really like to know if it is still possible to help developing IspConfig ? Within the last ~ 3 years I fully customized my 'own' IspConfig3 version so I am able to do a lot more with this great piece of code. Currently there are ~ 5,000 servers which I am controlling with IspConfig and every task needed to install them, configure software etc etc is done by my 'own' version.
      1. Loveless
        Is this the same Tom Dings of that old scamming Dutch hoster in the 90s, what was it called again? Kind of worrying to see you're still controlling 5000 servers, although you probably only maintain a third of them in reality (as per usual).
        Feb 12, 2018
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      2. Loveless
        Ah, I remember now: Webgeneral ! That was you, right? You just killed 100 users and their data on your servers and never paid them back a penny. You think you'd get away with that?
        Feb 12, 2018
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      3. Loveless
        Tom E.P. Dings
        Feb 12, 2018
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    2. jivko790
    3. Sang Lee
      Sang Lee
    4. tsapi
    5. Iheb
      My name is iheb , can you help me about a question into ispconfig please?
    6. John Saruni
      John Saruni
      Hello Till, I am getting below error when i try to create a zone from the ISPConfig API. Please assist
      Module Create Failed Error: SOAP Error: error_origin_empty<br />error_ns_empty<br />error_mbox_empty<br />error_refresh_empty<br />error_retry_empty<br />error_expire_empty<br />error_minimum_empty<br />error_ttl_empty<br />
    7. Ryan Roy
      Ryan Roy
      Hello Till, i have tried to upload my database 5205kb but gives me this error "No data was received to import. Either no file name was submitted, or the file size exceeded the maximum size permitted by your PHP configuration. See FAQ 1.16.
      " it only allows me to download a Max: 2,048 KiB
    8. Raghu M
    9. rnjn
    10. W-C
    11. concept21
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      2. till
        May 22, 2017
      3. OpenSources
        I didn't even know there was Business Support!
        Jun 3, 2017
    12. Shazy
      I have issue in my postfix server. can you please help me on this

      delays=2634/0.01/150/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to []:25: Connection timed out)
      May 4 05:51:27 hq postfix/smtp[4639]: connect to GOOGLEMAIL[]:25: Connection timed out
      May 4 05:51:27 hq postfix/smtp[4638]: connect to google.[]:25: Connection timed out
      1. till
        It might be that your ISP is blocking outgoing connections on port 25 or in other words, your ISP or hosting provider does not allow direct mail sending from that IP. You might have to use a relay server in that case.
        May 4, 2017
    13. ustoopia
      I've been a user of your website for many years now. I think you're awesome and doing a great job! I really respect and love you for it. I appreciate you for all the hard work & dedication you've put into this site and community. If only I was wealthy, I would send money.. If only I could make cookies, I would send you some. Kudos to you good sir and I wish for good things for you in life. Grtz from the Netherlands
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      2. concept21
        Verbal or cookie supports are not enough. You know what I mean?!? ^^
        May 22, 2017
    14. rythmCorrect
      Hi till,
      How can I get php version, mysql version and apache version of server using remote api.
      If not possible from remote api how can I get these values from shell command or any other methods(like database query)?
      1. Niubbo75
        From CLI:
        php -v
        mysql --version
        apache2ctl -v
        Apr 18, 2017
    15. Dmitry.A
      hello! as I can see russian translation for ispconfig is not good enough. I'll be glad to help you with it
      1. till
        It would be nice if you could help us to improve the translation. This can be either done by submitting a merge request to git or use the language edit and export functions in ISPConfig.
        Apr 6, 2017
    16. daniel fuentes
      daniel fuentes
      sorry till i cannot find the way to post in the ISPConfig forum because the minimun requirements: post, likes, ratio and days. How can I post asking for help?
      1. till
        Most likely your post contained URL's. New users are not permitted to post URL's or links until they reached a certain level of good posts.
        Apr 5, 2017
    17. Juan R Pena
      Juan R Pena
      Good Afternoon Till,
      We ha a big problem for more of 3 days, and I can find what is the problems, we create a new server, buy the tool for transfer but continue with the same problem on the new server.
      we delete and create 2 more servers and split the load, but continue the same problem.
      the problem: the server not receive email for hr's but only on regular hr's of office.
      I can find what user
      1. till
        When the new server after a migration has the same problem than the original server then the problem is either outside of the server or it is part of the migrated configuration. If you want someone to diagnose the problem directly on your server, then please contact Florian from Business support here: http://www.ispconfig.org/get-support/?type=ispconfig
        Mar 14, 2017
    18. kish4rock
      hello Till, i configured LDAP server it working fine but i want "account locked " status when some one make 3 wrong attempted where i can get this? means in any log files?
    19. zeiad

      when i put my website active ,,, it give error :
      Syntax error on line 75 of /etc/httpd/conf/sites-enabled/100-* .vhost: RewriteCond: bad flag delimiters
      and the line 75 is :
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/\.well-known/acme-challenge/
      RewriteRule ^(.*)$ :*$1 [R=301,NE,L]

      the i comment line 75 and its work fine ! ,,,, but if i deactivate the website, problem will appear again ,,,

      so any help ?
    20. mircopoint
      Hello, I made the subscription, but not figure out how to download the manual ispconfig. thank you
      1. till
        Feb 3, 2017
      2. mircopoint
        the subscription was Including download the manual, actually downloading is still to be paid, it is not for the 5 euro but to understand. thank you
        Feb 3, 2017
      3. Tuumke
        Didn't you get an e-mail with a download link in it?
        Feb 13, 2017
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