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Viewing thread https to http [ubuntu 18.04 - ISPConfig 3.1.14p1], Jul 18, 2019 at 7:59 AM
    1. Mohammed Abed Ali
      Mohammed Abed Ali
      (0x09:0x0005): (0x09:0x0005): Input/output error
      Error: (CLI:003) Specified controller does not exist.e
      I m facing this Error can you tell us what would be the problem and what is the Solution. Please mail me on this Id : [email protected]
    2. Tom Dings
      Tom Dings
      It took some serious time but I am completely healthy again and back working on my hobby. Excuses I was not able to communicate enough to keep you fully updated. Just know it was a terrible period but lucky enough all went perfect. Do not like to stay in a hospital again soon, and for sure not in Suriname ;-)

      Everything okay with you ? Any exciting news ? Progression ? Really curious about it .... Enjoy your day!
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    3. Arraman
      Hello Till ,
      Can you please help me to fix my problems. Please find below the same.
      I'm Using Postfix and created virtual domain for example domain1 and domain2 my requirement is that if we send any mail with attachment from domain1 to domain2 that should be deliver but if we are sending mail from domain1 to domain2 that should be rejected. Any attachment should not deliver to cross domain. - Thanks
      1. till
        Please post support questions in the forum and not on my user profile. Thanks!
        May 22, 2019
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    4. Leoncio Jose Antonio Eder
      Leoncio Jose Antonio Eder
      Hello Till
      I have a rare problem with emails, I have two installations with perfect server, one with ubuntu 18 that works fine sending and receiving to any server. The other installation (similar) sends and receives from and to gmail and the other perfect server installed, I can not make it send and receive from and to any other postal service ...
      The configurations are similar
      1. till
        Please post support questions in the forum and not on my user profile. Thanks!
        Jan 30, 2019
    5. Dognimin
      Hello till,
      I've installed ispconfig 3 on my server, I've created a new ftp user and when i want to connect with winscp, i got an "access denied" message. Do you have any idea for this issue?
      1. till
        Please post support questions in the forum and not on my user profile. Thanks!
        Jan 30, 2019
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    6. Pierrot727
      Thanks for your help and happy new year 2019!
    7. natanfelles
      Please, update the SSL at demo3 subdomain
      Just valid for appsdemo
      1. till
        I've activated SSL for the demo3 now.
        Dec 7, 2018
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    8. smanettone
      Tnx a lot for your work
    9. JoseKnet
      Hi, I want to know if you can configure that when creating a mailbox, the quota is automatically written
    10. ustoopia
      Hi Till. I've been using ispconfig for years now. I'm very content with it. Even more so with it's continueing support of you on the forums. When I have an issue with ispconfig I can always find an answer in the forums. The community is also persistent, so thanks to them also. You're doing a great job and I respect you for it. Keep up the good work and I hope many prosperous things may cross your path. You deserve it
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      2. till
        Thank you very much! :)
        Jun 16, 2018
    11. Tom Dings
      Tom Dings
      It will be very nice when someone is able to let me know a bit more about the options which are available about helping making IspConfig even better. Thanks in advance and enjoy your weekend!
    12. Tom Dings
      Tom Dings
      For sure this piece of code is not written in the way it has to be done. But for now I am going to add even more features and I think it is a good moment to re-write the working code, and continue from now on the way it was meant to be by your team.
    13. Tom Dings
      Tom Dings
      Dear all, I really like to know if it is still possible to help developing IspConfig ? Within the last ~ 3 years I fully customized my 'own' IspConfig3 version so I am able to do a lot more with this great piece of code. Currently there are ~ 5,000 servers which I am controlling with IspConfig and every task needed to install them, configure software etc etc is done by my 'own' version.
      1. Loveless
        Is this the same Tom Dings of that old scamming Dutch hoster in the 90s, what was it called again? Kind of worrying to see you're still controlling 5000 servers, although you probably only maintain a third of them in reality (as per usual).
        Feb 12, 2018
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      2. Loveless
        Ah, I remember now: Webgeneral ! That was you, right? You just killed 100 users and their data on your servers and never paid them back a penny. You think you'd get away with that?
        Feb 12, 2018
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      3. Loveless
        Tom E.P. Dings
        Feb 12, 2018
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    14. jivko790
    15. Sang Lee
      Sang Lee
    16. tsapi
    17. Iheb
      My name is iheb , can you help me about a question into ispconfig please?
    18. John Saruni
      John Saruni
      Hello Till, I am getting below error when i try to create a zone from the ISPConfig API. Please assist
      Module Create Failed Error: SOAP Error: error_origin_empty<br />error_ns_empty<br />error_mbox_empty<br />error_refresh_empty<br />error_retry_empty<br />error_expire_empty<br />error_minimum_empty<br />error_ttl_empty<br />
    19. Ryan Roy
      Ryan Roy
      Hello Till, i have tried to upload my database 5205kb but gives me this error "No data was received to import. Either no file name was submitted, or the file size exceeded the maximum size permitted by your PHP configuration. See FAQ 1.16.
      " it only allows me to download a Max: 2,048 KiB
    20. Raghu M
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